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Solar Plug is a NW based solar company that is on a mission to install solar wherever possible! From small residential systems to large scale commercial solar arrays. Whatever your needs are our mission is the same: We want to plug you into the sun! Solar power is simple, easy and readily available to power your world.

Here at Solar Plug we want to get the word out about how solar is amazing and right for you. Lets us educate you. Our sales team is ready to meet with you and explain all of this solar stuff to you! Give us a call today or send an email to schedule an appointment to review your project in detail.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Solar power is a "no Brainer" to us here at Solar Plug! Why not use the sun to power your world? There are many economical & environmental benefits to solar power. Here are a few of the benefits:
  • Reduces our reliance on utilities
  • Reduces our carbon foot print
  • Saves you money each month
  • Utilities will pay you for excess power generated
  • Federal & locate state Tax incentives help pay for your solar system

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